Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Innholdet på denne siden er markedsføring

Ekstern professor ved Copenhagen Business School og forsker.

Jon Sigurd Wegener is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and expert in Neuroeconomics. He has over 15 years of experience researching, lecturing and consulting within the scientific discipline of Neuroeconomics. 

Financial decisions are characterised by an almost indefinite amount of options involving potentially large stakes and intense emotions. Our brain is not well-adapted to this type of decision context, leading to sub-optimal financial decision-making. 

The scientific discipline of Neuroeconomics, captures how our brain and organism executes financial decisions.

Neuroeconomics goes beyond Behavioural Finance to investigate the non-conscious biological processes that determine our financial behaviour.

In his talk:

  • You’ll learn how your brain and your emotions determine every financial decision you make.
  • You’ll question how much you personally value freedom of choice in the financial markets.
  • You’ll experience the pleasure of altruistic punishment and other pro-social economic decisions.

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